Now we are getting somewhere...

Falcon Files From John:
Monday 6 October 2008

Now we are getting somewhere. 7 days to go. This time next week it’ll be party time as we say goodbye to Oakville.
I’m looking forward to a nice warm bunk with a book and then a good long snooze. Got to get 2 years night shift out of my system – the work was fine but the rest of the 14 hours was simply awful – always tired and listless. Need an ocean cruise!
The ‘Open boat’ was a lot of fun. Jeannette, Audrey and Moni produced tables of nibblies.

The boat was full from 2pm for a solid 3 hours

and the yacht club bar was full of folks having a good time.

Lots of chin stroking and beard pulling, mutterings, and opinions passed, and laughing.

Kids racing through the inside and out the front hatch, radar arch works great as monkey bars, and one 3yo crying because his mean Dad wouldn’t let him ‘go sailing on Johnnies boat’. Raised some hundreds of dollars to fight men’s cancer.

Sunday we loaded water in jerry cans, and more food. Today took the mast out and strapped it on the deck

ready for motoring 140 miles across Lake Ontario to Oswego, through the Erie Barge Canal in New York state to Albany to re-step the mast. Sail down the Hudson River past West point to NYC. We are booked into the Liberty Landing marina in NJ, right opposite lower Manhatten. Should be there 20 Oct.

The lawn is cut, the garage is almost empty, the table is fitted into the boat, still need to pack clothes, books, bed stuff, store more spares, get another spinnaker, and mail birthday cards. My manager Jeannette is busy with everyone at home, in a weeks time it’ll be down to 3 out of 5. Bro Doug arrives Thursday. A full crew and family meeting at Stuart’s home Sunday night ( hope he mentioned to his manager.)
Sailmail and Winlink email works fantastic on the ICOM 802 SSB. We are set ocean communications with the sat phones as backup.

Email us on the boat at